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May 5, 2010

Florida Drug Crimes – Is Marijuana Distribution And Possession A Thing Of The Past Now That Tampa Has K2?

With the arrival of K2 in Tampa, will there be any effect on the number of people arrested for marijuana distribution? How about marijuana possession?
April 26, 2010

Marijuana Possession News – Pasco Man Tries To Eat His Pot To Avoid A Marijuana Possession Charge

This Tampa Bay man was trying to avoid a marijuana possession arrest by eating his pot and chasing it with a double cheeseburger. He didn't even bother to take the pot out of the baggie before attempting to eat it.
April 26, 2010

Marijuana Possession In Florida – Pinellas Man Charged With Possession Of Marijuana After Traffic Stop

A traffic stop in Tarpon Springs led to a man's arrest for possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to distribute. He was pulled over for driving with a suspended license in Pinellas County.
April 22, 2010

Tampa Bay Drug Crimes – Oxycodone Mailed To Pasco County Inmate Under The Stamp

Last year Pasco County sheriff began investigating a post card sent to a Land O'Lakes inmate with Oxycodone under the stamp. Now they have made an arrest and charged a Tampa Bay woman with the drug crime.
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