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Drug trafficking is a prevalent crime throughout Florida, usually most concentrated at the seaports on Florida’s extensive coastline. However, trafficking can also occur through national and international airports and across state lines. Florida’s proximity and accessibility to Cuba, South America, the Caribbean and Mexico have contributed to the high drug trafficking statistics throughout the state.

Drug trafficking crimes are felony offenses and may become federal matters, which are backed by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and federal prosecutors. Due to this, many criminal defense attorneys may be wary to take on a drug trafficking case. Particularly when it involves a large amount of a controlled substance, such as heroin, the penalties are severe and federal prosecutors are not likely to give up without a fight.

Fortunately, Finebloom & Haenel, P.A. is made up of a team of skilled drug trafficking lawyers who are not afraid of taking on these cases. Our lawyers and staff are concerned only with protecting your rights and working to make sure you receive alternative sentencing or have your case dismissed. When you work with a Tampa drug trafficking lawyer at our offices, you work with a professional whose only objective is to win your case.

Drug Trafficking Penalties & Defense

Drug trafficking is defined as intentionally and knowingly selling, purchasing, manufacturing or delivering into Florida a controlled substance. The penalties for drug trafficking in Florida may range anywhere from 3 years to 25 years in state prison, with fines of $25,000 to $500,000. Sentencing will depend upon the type of drug as well as the amount of drug that was being trafficked. For instance, marijuana carries the least amount of penalties; heroin carries the heaviest penalties.

Defending drug trafficking cases can be difficult. But with a dedicated and experienced attorney on your side, your chances of a good outcome are greatly increased. Finebloom & Haenel offers a free consultation with a Tampa or Sarasota drug trafficking attorney to discuss your case and determine your options.

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