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Florida Drug Crime FAQs

What is a drug crime? A drug crime is any criminal offense that involves drugs and their manufacture, possession, cultivation, trafficking, sale and more. Florida drug crimes also include prescription fraud.

What about a search and seizure? Many Tampa and Sarasota law enforcement agencies may conduct a search and seizure to obtain drugs or drug paraphernalia on you or your property. These searches must be done properly, with a warrant or reasonable cause. If these were violated, your criminal defense attorney will be in a stronger position to fight your charges and your case may even be dismissed. A drug crime attorney will be able to assist you in determining if a search and seizure or sting operation violated your rights in any way.

What sort of penalties can I expect from a Florida drug charge? If convicted of a drug crime in Florida, you may face: a prison sentence, fines, probation, forfeiture of assets, registration as a narcotics offender, drug rehabilitation, counseling, deportation (if not a U.S. citizen), and more.

Will the type of drug affect my charges? Yes, the type of drug will affect your sentencing and your charges. For instance, a heroin charge is punished more severely than a marijuana charge.

Will the amount of drugs affect my case? The amount of drug you were found in possession of will directly affect your case and your sentence. Higher amounts of drugs will carry heavier penalties.

What is the difference between “possession” and “possession for sale”? Possession usually refers to having a drug in your possession for personal use, while “for sale” refers to having drugs on your person with the intention of selling or distributing them. Possession for sale usually carries a harsher sentence.

Can drug crimes include prescription drugs? Drug crimes also include prescription fraud and distributing or selling prescription drugs illegally. Prescription drug crimes have become a big problem throughout Florida today.

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