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Have you been arrested for or are you under investigation for drug distribution? If so, you should act quickly and contact a Tampa drug distribution lawyer who can protect your rights. Even if you are under investigation for distributing a drug or for drug dealing, you have rights that must not be violated. You do not necessarily need to submit to police interrogation or a search of your property unless the police have a warrant. You also have the right to an attorney who can make sure all aspects of your drug case are handled properly and do not infringe upon your constitutional rights.

Finebloom & Haenel, P.A. is a South Florida law firm whose attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of citizens throughout Sarasota, Tampa, Pinellas County and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to defend your drug distribution case. We have former state prosecutors and public defenders who have dedicated their professions to helping defend Florida drug charges. Our attorneys represnet clients with charges stemming from drug cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, possession, trafficking, prescription drug abuse, medical marijuana arrests, DUI & Drugs, and issues involving search and seizure.

When you work with our law firm, you get a level of dedication and excellence that you should expect from your lawyer. You are also treated as an individual – with respect and personal attention that goes a long way in making you feel comfortable and protected while working with our firm. If you have a legal question, an attorney will answer it in a timely fashion, often even if it is after hours. If you feel like you have nowhere to turn, turn to a Tampa drug distribution lawyer at Finebloom & Haenel. We can help.

Drug Distribution Defined

Drug distribution refers to the act of selling and dealing drugs to another person in exchange for money or other goods. In Florida, a drug distribution charge will most likely land you in jail. However, specific sentencing will depend upon the amount and the type of drug that you are accused of distributing.

Have you been accused of drug distribution in Tampa or Sarasota? Contact us today!

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