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Marijuana Possession In Florida – Pinellas Man Charged With Possession Of Marijuana After Traffic Stop

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Many arrests for drug crimes in Tampa Bay begin with an average traffic stop. That was the case in Tarpon Springs this weekend when a traffic stop led to charges of possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine among others. Palm Harbor’s Marcel Demond Hunter has been arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license, resisting arrest, being a felon in possession of a gun, possession of cocaine with intent to sell and possession of marijuana.

The incident took place Friday night when an officer recognized Hunter and was familiar with the man. He stopped his Ford on E. Lime Street as he reported that he knew Hunter was not allowed to be driving due to a license suspension stemming from delinquent child support payments. After being pulled over, Hunter struggled to escape arrest and according to reports he tried on several occasions take a gun from the officers.

After eventually getting Hunter under control, officers found nearly 220 grams of marijuana and cocaine packaged into several plastic bags. Those discoveries led to the possession of marijuana charges and the possession of cocaine with intent to distribute charge. Hunter was taken to the Pinellas County Jail. There was no information on bond or bail. According to the St. Petersburg Times Hunter was originally stopped by Officer Derek Anderson and his address is listed on Peterborough Court.

The marijuana possession charges will most likely be filed as felony charges since Hunter allegedly had more than 20 grams on his possession. If the state’s attorney believes he was trafficking in marijuana, those sentences carry mandatory minimum prison sentences starting at three years. In Florida, possession of marijuana is not a crime that is taken lightly.

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