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LATEST RESULT: Felony marijuana trafficking charges dropped due to illegal search.

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Drug crimes are heavily prosecuted and punished by Florida courts and law enforcement agencies. Florida, with its over 8,000 miles of extensive coastline and proximity to Cuba, Mexico and South America, is a hot spot forbest drug attorney Sarasota all types of drug crimes – drug trafficking and importation in particular. If you are found guilty of a drug crime, you may face a state prison sentence of up to 25 or 50 years, not to mention the excessive fines you will be required to pay and the affect a conviction will have on your reputation and your future. Tampa Drug LawyersIf you have been accused of or are under investigation for a drug crime of any sort, contact an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer immediately. Time is of the essence with any criminal case, particularly one involving drugs. Your criminal defense lawyer will be able to get moving in building your defense and protecting your rights.

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The defense attorneys at Finebloom & Haenel, P.A. have experience in taking on drug cases, no matter the size. In our opinion, no drug offense is small because of the enormous impact it can have on a person’s life. Possession, for instance, even if it is your first offense, may still land you in jail. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with Tampa and Sarasota drug crimes involving cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, possession, and more. With experience in both public defense and state prosecution throughout Florida, as well as in state and federal courts, our team of drug crime defense lawyers has a unique outlook and approach that has equaled a high level of success in the drug cases we take on. We believe that this diversity sets us apart from other law firms you may come across. You can find out for yourself by scheduling a free initial consultation with a Tampa drug crimes attorney to discuss your case and go over your legal options. GOT ARRESTED? GET US™ Have you been accused of a Tampa or Sarasota drug crime? Contact Finebloom & Haenel today!

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