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Marijuana Possession News – Pasco Man Tries To Eat His Pot To Avoid A Marijuana Possession Charge

Would you like fries or marijuana with your burger? It is funny how far this Pasco man was willing to go to avoid a charge of possession of marijuana and not end up being arrested for a Tampa Bay drug crime. According to a story on TBO.com, Samuel Frederick Collins tried to eat a plastic bag filled with pot and chase it with a double cheeseburger to avoid arrest.

A Pasco County Sheriff’s deputy was driving behind a 1997 Honda Del Sol when he observed the man driving the car throw a McDonald’s bag out the window. He pulled the driver over on U.S. 19 early Monday morning following the bag being tossed out of the car. As the deputy approached the car, he reported seeing the driver stuff a clear plastic bag into his mouth. The driver then chased the suspicious baggie with a double cheeseburger.

Deputy William Ordorff ordered Collins to spit out the bag but the 28-year-old refused. He continued to chew the burger and the drugs. The deputy pulled Collins out of the car after a struggle and eventually got the suspect to spit out the contents of his mouth discovering a bag of marijuana and a second clear plastic wrapper with pot inside as well leading to charges of possession of marijuana being filed. Collins was driving with a suspended license from Tennessee and he had no valid Florida driver’s license as well.

After searching the car, the deputy also found a small amount of loose weed and a joint. On top of possession charges, Collins was arrested for driving with a suspended license and tampering with evidence. Collins was released Monday without having to post bail. His address was listed on Grand Blvd.

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