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Tampa Oxycodone Crime – Hillsborough Passes Emergency Ordinance To Fight Prescription Drug Crime

Tampa Oxycodone Crime

The explosion of prescription drug crime in Tampa has led the Hillsborough County Commission to pass an emergency ordinance to try and stem the flood of illegal prescription drugs in Tampa. The commissioners passed an ordinance to regulate the county’s pain management clinics, which are believed to be a major source of the prescription drugs that make it onto the streets.

The new regulations were passed unanimously and will require pain management clinics in the county to be inspected and will also demand they get a license. This ordinance is also banning any new pain management clinics from opening after June 15. The cost of running background checks and inspecting the clinics is expected to be covered by newly installed fees the clinics will be required to pay to stay in business.

The commissioners acted based upon the fact that law enforcement is investigating an average of one prescription drug overdose a day and that the sheriff’s office is dealing with more cases involving prescription drug crime than crack cocaine now. The new ordinances are expected to stay in effect even after a state-wide law goes into effect in October to regulate pain management clinics in Florida.

The commission heard from a grieving parent whose son died from a prescription drug overdose. In the three months before his death, the young man acquired almost 850 methadone tablets.

The explosion of Oxycodone crime and illegal drug activity surrounding other painkillers and drugs like Xanax has become a major issue in the state of Florida. With no central tracking system for prescriptions that are filled at pharmacies through the state, Florida has become a major hot bed for trafficking in painkillers. Raids have taken place all around Tampa Bay in the last month and many of the arrestees were either from out of state or planning on selling the illegally gained narcotics to people from surrounding states.

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