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Florida Oxycodone Crime – Hernando County Oxycodone Bust Results In 23 Arrests

Florida Oxycodone Arrests

There is no question that Oxycodone crimes in Florida are on the rise and if you need more proof of that just look at the major Oxycodone ring in Tampa Bay that was just taken down by Hernando County Sheriffs.  The operation called “Operation Oxy-Blues” busted up one of the most well-organized illegal prescription drug operations Sheriff Richard Nugent could remember.

The drug bust broke up an operation in which fake prescriptions were used to obtain thousands of pain killers. The prescriptions were apparently reproduced using computers and laser printers. The sheriffs first became suspicious of the prescriptions that were allegedly written by a Tampa rehabilitation specialist and physician because the alleged drug dealers picked a doctor who rarely writes prescriptions for Oxycodone. Now most of the 31 members of the Hernando County Oxycodone ring are under arrest.

Sheriff Nugent labeled the increase in Oxycodone crime in and prescription drug fraud in Tampa Bay an epidemic as he stood in front of a table containing the nets of the drug bust. There were bags of painkillers, fake prescriptions, guns, cash and computer hardware on display for the media. The sheriff named Troy Bracewell as the head of the prescription drug ring and he also said that the second-in-command was still on the loose.

Most of the charges involved trafficking in Oxycodone. Some of those arrested were charged with possession of drugs and some with conspiracy to traffic in Oxycodone. Bracewell is facing life in prison based on his charges combined with a long criminal history. The case apparently kicked into high gear when a confidential informant purchased pills from a member of the organization. Overall 2,100 pills were obtained illegally and more than 1,000 more pills were set to be bought before the bust.

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