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Mother Who Supplied Teen Son With Oxycodone Pleads Guilty To Contributing To His Fatal Overdose

Linda Courtright is facing 20 years to life in federal prison after pleading guilty to a drug distribution charge in Tampa today. The 36-year-old admitted to supplying her 15-year-old son with the oxycodone that eventually killed him in a drug overdose. Nicholas Block was found to have oxycodone, cocaine and alprazolam in his system when he died.

The story surrounding Block’s death is as sad as it is shocking. Block had already been in trouble with the law following a marijuana charge but the details of what took place in a Budget Inn Motel on the night of his death are just astounding. According to Block’s three younger siblings, the teenager and his parents came stumbling out of the motel bathroom the night before his death. When police were called to the motel room, Courtright was passed out and her son was dead.

While North Port police were investigating what took place at the North Tamimai Trail motel, the boy’s father walked past the motel room before officers stopped him and found a prescription bottle in his pocket. The bottle was for 210 painkillers but there were only 17 oxycodone pills in it. The missing pills were crushed and snorted by the mother, father and son.

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