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Florida Oxycodone Dealer Calls Police To Report His Stolen Pills

A Hernando County man has been charged with drug trafficking and making a false police report after he called deputies and told them his Oxycodone and Methadone had been stolen. According to 10 Connects, Mark Andrew Davis, Sr. told deputies he was robbed of his prescription pills after he left Nature Coast Pharmacy but according to law enforcement it was a drug deal gone bad.

Prescription Drugs Sold

A Florida man was arrested for attempting to sell his prescription drugs.

The suspect in the case allegedly admitted to police he was planning on selling his prescription drugs for $800 to the man who robbed him. Davis had just picked up 180 tablets of Oxycodone and 120 Methadone pills. His drug deal fell apart when the suspected buyer punched him in the face and took off with the drugs. There has been no information released on the man suspected of stealing the prescription pills.
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