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Holiday Couple Arrested In Pasco County On Drug Charges And Child Neglect

Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies were reportedly dispatched to the home of a Holiday couple for a welfare check. When they arrived they found a woman who admitted she was high and drunk, a man who struggled with deputies, a bag of cocaine and a toddler. The two adults inside the home were charged with child neglect, cocaine possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Maria L. Pawlowski is alleged to have admitted to the deputies she was high and drunk while Daniel J. Rapoch had to be pepper sprayed when he began to struggle with the officers. The toddler is believed to be the son of the couple and a birth announcement puts his age at three-years-old this May. The parents were each charged with resisting arrest with violence in addition to the drug charges and were being held at the Pasco County jail.

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