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Prescription Drug Fraud And Abuse In Florida Has Grown While State Figures Out How To Handle The Problem

There has been a noticeable effort to crack down on prescription drug fraud in Tampa Bay but the state of Florida has not helped law enforcement as it has taken a long time for Florida to react to the explosion in the prescription drug trade. According to TampaBay.com Florida is the top state in the nation for Oxycodone prescriptions. The newspaper goes on to state that Tampa Bay is a hotspot for prescription drug trafficking according to U.S. Drug Enforcement.

Florida has been slow to react to the prescription drug explosion and is now paying the price for not having a modern system for tracking prescriptions. Pain management clinics are unregulated according to the story and there is no requirement to have a doctor on premises to dispense painkillers at these clinics across the state. That has led to a huge increase in painkiller-related drug crimes in Florida.

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