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No Cocaine And Meth In My House! Pasco Mom Turns In Her Sun For Stashing Drugs In Her Home

A Dade City 25-year-old who stashed large amounts of meth and cocaine in his mother’s house was arrested after she called deputies upon finding the drugs. Pasco County sheriff’s arrested Camron Buck for drug trafficking and marijuana possession after he showed up to the house where the drugs were stashed with two pounds of marijuana.

According to reports cited in a story on TampaBay.com, Buck allegedly told his mom he was going to get killed over her calling the cops during his questioning by sheriff’s deputies. There was reportedly $15,000 worth of methamphetamine and over $4,000 worth of coke in the house. Buck had another $3,000 worth of pot on him and more than $2,000 in cash. He was being held without bond following the drug arrest.

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