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April 8, 2010

Brooksville Marijuana Grow House Operation Nets Second Arrest

Yesterday we talked about a Brooksville woman who was arrested for operating a marijuana grow house in an effort to pay her bills, which in a larger sense isn’t everyone selling drugs in one way or another using the money to pay off bills? Today though Hernando County deputies have arrested a second person involved in themarijuana cultivation.

According to TampaBay.com, Jeffery Scott Wagner was arrested on drug cultivation charges in connection with the marijuana operation run out of the house of Rhonda Quince, who was charged previously. Quince bought the three-bedroom home fir $130,000 in 2006. The story on TampaBay.com…

April 7, 2010

Marijuana Grow House In Brooksville Started By A Woman Looking To Pay Her Bills

Rhonda Quince had an empty room in her house and a pile of bills. Instead of taking in a renter she decided to turn the room into a marijuana grow house. The Brooksville woman was arrested on drug charges when Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies searched her home and found 169 marijuana plants.

According to ABC Action News, Quince allowed the deputies to search her Brooksville home. She also apparently admitted to growing pot and selling it in an effort to help pay her bills. The plants were valued at $150,000 and were in different stages of development under hydroponic lights.…

February 25, 2010

Marijuana Grow House Being Run By Ex-Con In The Bathroom At His Mom’s House

Acting on an informant’s tip, Charlotte County sheriff’s uncovered 42 marijuana plants growing in the bathroom closet at a Punta Gorda home. Deputies have arrested an ex-con named Allen Milton Hardman on charges of cultivation, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges. He is being held in Charlotte County Jail without bail.

According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune Hardman had been living in his mother’s home since his release from prison in August. His mother has told deputies that her son began cultivating marijuana plants less than a month ago. The search of the Dixie Avenue home turned up the plants and more than 20 grams of pot.…

February 12, 2010

Homestead Man Arrested On Cultivation Charges After Police Discover Marijuana Grow House

Police were acting on a tip when they went to the Brooksville home of Joel Cabrera. When Sheriff’s arrived in Homestead on Noddy Tern Road they saw a moving truck that with equipment used while operating a marijuana grow house . Deputies then went inside the house and into a shed on the 36-year-old’s property and found more grow house equipment leading to Cabrera’s arrest on charges of cultivation .

Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies discovered fans, air handlers, grow lights, carbon filters and air conditioning units in the man’s home, shed and truck. According to TampaBay.com, there was no mention of the sheriff’s deputies finding any actual drugs on the premises.…

February 4, 2010

Tampa Grow House With $1 Million Worth Of Marijuana Busted By Hillsborough County Deputies

Three men with 35 fully grown marijuana plants weighing around 300 pounds gave consent for deputies to search their home Wednesday morning, according to a story on TBO.com. Once inside the Tampa home, Hillsborough County deputies didn’t have much trouble discovering the weed inside.

Deputies arrested all three men on charges of trafficking in marijuana and cultivation of marijuana. The men are still in a Hillsborough County jail and no bail has been set as of yet. The grow house was located at 8408 Lava Place in Tampa. Deputies estimated the value of the seized marijuana at $1 million.…

January 12, 2010

Hillsborough County Man Arrested For Running A Marijuana Grow House

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies uncovered a marijuana grow house in Tampa on Sunday. Deputies arrested Jose Saborit on charges of trafficking in marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, cultivation of marijuana and possession of a house to manufacture a controlled substance. The arrest took place in Tampa’s Carrollwood neighborhood.

Deputies found 55 plants that measured 4 to 5 feet in height according to a story on TampaBay.com. Hillsborough County Sheriffs also uncovered growing equipment inside the home. The only things they found outside of the drugs and paraphernalia was a sleeping cot and a few personal belongings they believe belong to the 53-year-old Saborit.…

January 5, 2010

Florida Deputies Nab Grow House Suspects With Fake Ransom Note

Police officers in a southern Florida town found a unique way to arrest a man who is accused of operating a marijuana grow house. The deputies seized six large marijuana plants and then left a ransom note for the grower saying they had his plants and the suspect needed to call the phone number to get them back.

According to a news release and a story on TBO.com, Steven Alan Locasio called the officers and offered $200 to get his drugs back. Locasio agreed to the exchange and after he handed the money over to the police he was arrested on drug charges.…

December 9, 2009

Grow House Operators Who Called Police Over Theft Of Their Drugs Now Face Trafficking Charges

The group of Hernando County men who called on the police when a home invasion resulted in their drugs being stolen are now in even more trouble. TampaBay.com is reporting the group, who were already charged with felony cultivation of marijuana, will now face drug trafficking charges. The charges stem from one of the alleged traffickers alerting a Hernando County sheriff’s deputy that a home invasion was in progress at their residence.

When deputies got to the house the suspects said they had been robbed of upwards of five pounds of marijuana. The officers went on to discover 59 marijuana plants and plenty of other evidence of a grow house operation.

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