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April 7, 2010

Sarasota Homicide Detective Arrested For Illegally Obtaining Prescription Painkillers

Sgt. Chris Hallisey has been arrested for illegally acquiring prescription painkillers. The Sarasota homicide detective is accused of lying to doctors to obtain illegal prescription drugs. According to a report on My Fox TampaBay, Hallisey was under investigation by his own department for several weeks.

The story details how deputies contacted doctors who they believed supplied oxycodone to the homicide investigator who was the lead detective in the murder of Carlie Brucia. He was hired by the sheriff’s office in 1980 and has been placed on administrative leave. He is out on $360 bond.…

April 7, 2010

Marijuana Grow House In Brooksville Started By A Woman Looking To Pay Her Bills

Rhonda Quince had an empty room in her house and a pile of bills. Instead of taking in a renter she decided to turn the room into a marijuana grow house. The Brooksville woman was arrested on drug charges when Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies searched her home and found 169 marijuana plants.

According to ABC Action News, Quince allowed the deputies to search her Brooksville home. She also apparently admitted to growing pot and selling it in an effort to help pay her bills. The plants were valued at $150,000 and were in different stages of development under hydroponic lights.…

April 7, 2010

Lakeland Trafficking Charges Filed Against Two Men With 10 Pounds Of Meth And Guns

A pair of men were arrested outside a Haines City mobile home when investigators found them in possession of two pounds of methamphetamine. David Flores and Raul Magana-Herrera were pulled over when investigators discovered the drugs. That led to a search of the mobile home where eight more pounds of meth and guns were discovered. The men were both charged with trafficking in meth.

The men were the focus of a drug task force investigation according to TBO.com. Agencies involved in the investigation included FDLE, the Polk County Sheriffs and police from Haines City, Bartow, Lakeland and Auburndale.…

April 5, 2010

Meth Trafficking Charges Filed Against Man Allegedly Running A Lab Out Of Kissimmee Hotel Room

According to a story on the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s website, a man has been charged with trafficking meth after a methamphetamine lab was discovered in an Orlando-area hotel room. Osceola County Sheriffs were alerted to the possible meth lab by other hotel guests who suspected drug crimes and prostitution.

Deputies report finding 19 grams of meth in the hotel room of Robert Reyes. They also allege to have discovered other drugs and equipment used in the production and manufacturing of meth. There were other charges filed but those were not listed in the report. Nobody at the Sevilla Inn was available for comment.…

March 30, 2010

Prescription Fraud Sentences Handed Out By Federal Judge In Pinellas

A group of five people involved in a Pinellas prescription drug ring were sentenced to prison terms ranging from nearly four years to seven years. The prescription fraud involved the painkiller oxycodone. All five of the participants pled guilty to charges of possession with intent to distribute and distribution of oxycodone.

The prescription fraud involved the manufacturing of fake prescriptions that had valid DEA numbers on them. The group would supply cell phone numbers to the doctors who allegedly wrote the prescriptions but the calls went to co-conspirators not doctors. The fake prescriptions for the painkillers were submitted at three Pinellas pharmacies.…

March 30, 2010

Teenage Girl Arrested On Drug Charges For Selling Prescription Pills At Her High School

A 17-year-old high school student is under arrest in Hernando County for selling prescription drugs at her high school. Laura Sitaro was arrested at Central High School in Hernando Beach on Monday and was taken to Hernando County jail. According to 10Connects.com, the girl has admitted to selling
and other pills.

According to police reports, Sitaro said she had been selling the pills for about a week and along with Xanax she was selling Flexural and Coricidin. The pills were being sold for anywhere from $2 to $5. Coricidin is an over-the-counter drug for pain-relief and allergies. Flexural is a prescription drug for muscle spasms.…

March 29, 2010

Woman Arrested On Drug Charges And Child Neglect For Leaving Baby Unattended While She Partied

Hudson deputies have arrested an Illinois woman on charges of possession of marijuana and drug equipment and child neglect after discovering her baby in the back seat of a car unattended. According to police reports, the woman admitted she left the baby in the car for about 30 minutes while she drank a beer but deputies discovered marijuana near her beer bottle and arrested the woman.

The baby was found covered in sweat in the back seat of the car around 11:00 a.m. The infant was covered with a white blanket and the car’s window was cracked a few inches. Nora Leach-Patterson allegedly told deputies she left the child sleeping while she had a beer and was gone just half an hour.…

March 26, 2010

Oxycodone Robbery At Spring Hill Drug Store Ends Up With Man Arrested But No Pills

The epidemic of crime surrounding prescription drugs just keeps growing. The cases range from prescription fraud to illegal sales of painkillers and anxiety medication. More and more the crimes are turning violent. Today a man was the victim of an attempted robbery outside a Spring Hill drugstore after filling an oxycodone prescription.

According to Hernando County Sheriffs Aurelio Gonzalez pulled a knife on the man after he was approached by a woman asking him to sell her some of his oxycodone pills. There is no mention in the TampaBay.com story if the woman was charged as well. She reportedly drove the alleged robber from the scene after the victim ran off with his drugs.…

March 26, 2010

Bradenton Drug And Weapon Charges Filed Against A Man Passed Out In Front Of A Nightclub

A Cadillac parked in front of a Manatee bar after 3:00 a.m. drew the suspicion of a sheriff’s deputy early Friday morning. A Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the car parked outside the Distellery. When she pulled up the engine was running and Adam C. McDemid was passed out behind the wheel.

According to the deputy, she saw a marijuana pipe in plain view and then had the 32-year-old exit his car. At that point she reported smelling burnt marijuana. The deputy searched the vehicle and found a loaded handgun under the seat. The gun was reported stolen according to the report on Bradenton.com.…

March 24, 2010

Pasco Fire Started At Meth Lab According To Sheriff’s Office

A December 29 mobile home fire in Pasco County has led to two arrests for arson but there have been no drug manufacturing charges filed yet despite the fact one of the suspects allegedly admitted the fire started while the pair were cooking meth on a hot plate.

John Lewis Cummings and Richard Alan Smith have both been charged with arson. At the time of his arrest Cummings reportedly had meth in his possession and was charged with that crime as well. Smith posted $25,000 bail while Cummings was booked into jail and had his bail set at $30,000.…

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