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June 29, 2010

Florida Marijuana Laws – Florida Head Shop Owners File Lawsuit In Hillsborough To Ban The “Bong Bill”

Starting Thursday many Florida businesses will be banned from selling a bong. The new law is being challenged in a Hillsborough County court by small business owners.
March 29, 2010

Woman Arrested On Drug Charges And Child Neglect For Leaving Baby Unattended While She Partied

Hudson deputies have arrested an Illinois woman on charges of possession of marijuana and drug equipment and child neglect after discovering her baby in the back seat of a car unattended. According to police reports, the woman admitted she left the baby in the car for about 30 minutes while she drank a beer but deputies discovered marijuana near her beer bottle and arrested the woman.

The baby was found covered in sweat in the back seat of the car around 11:00 a.m. The infant was covered with a white blanket and the car’s window was cracked a few inches. Nora Leach-Patterson allegedly told deputies she left the child sleeping while she had a beer and was gone just half an hour.…

March 18, 2010

Punta Gorda Mom Facing Drug Charges For Meth And Xanax Found In Her House

Police officers in Punta Gorda were called out to check on the health of the mother of a three-month-old infant and during the wellness check they found meth, Xanax and drug paraphernalia. According to the HeraldTribune.com, Mandy Cheri McLean was charged with drug possession for having methamphetamine and Xanax without a prescription. She was taken to jail and was being held on $6,000 bail.

Police officers report that McLean did not respond when they knocked on her door and entered the home to check on the woman. According to police reports she was found passed out. There was allegedly a bag containing meth and a glass pipe.…

March 17, 2010

Tampa Man Faces Aggravated Battery And Drug Charges After Ramming A U.S. Marshal’s Car

Tampa police arrested three men last night after one of them rammed his Dodge Charger into a U.S. Marshal’s car. Tyrone Sheffield fled from police on Sligh Avenue running red lights and speeding. He abandoned his car inside which police found marijuana and crack cocaine they say was packaged for sale.

Later that evening Tampa police were investigating a suspicious vehicle on Hillsborough Avenue. At that point they investigated and identified one of the passengers as Sheffield. He was arrested and charged with possession of coke, possession of marijuana, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, fleeing and drug paraphernalia charges.…

March 12, 2010

Pain Killers Crushed, Hidden Underneath A Stamp And Mailed To Pasco County Inmate

When it comes to creativity it is a shame so many people put their efforts towards breaking the law rather than using the time they spend coming up with these ideas for good. Take the case of 53-year-old Virgina L. Jacobs of New Port Richey. The woman was arrested for introducing contraband into a detention facility and failure to appear on a driving with a suspended license charge after she allegedly crushed up oxycodone and morphine, hid it under postcard stamps and mailed it to her husband in Pasco County jail.

Robert Jacobs is in jail for failing to appear on paraphernalia and drug charges.…

March 12, 2010

Ban The Bong! Tallahassee Lawmakers Go From Bong Tax To Bong Ban Proposal

St. Petersburg democrat Darryl Rouson was pushing for a state tax on bongs, the water pipes used to smoke marijuana and tobacco. The proposal has now become a bill that would partially ban the sale of bongs according to Bay News 9. Rouson proposed the bill in hopes of somehow lessening drug crime by making it harder to buy bongs.

The original proposal was to put a tax on the glass, plastic and wood pipes used for filtering tobacco through water but the new bill would ban any store from selling a bong unless they make 75% of their revenue from tobacco sales.…

March 11, 2010

Search Warrant Reveals Marijuana, Guns And Pills Found In Hernando Home

Hernando County Sheriff’s executed a search warrant in Weeki Wachee Wednesday and found marijuana, weapons, drug paraphernalia and pills. Two men inside the house are now facing drug charges. One of the men found inside the home has also been charged with violation of probation and marijuana possession.

According to a story on TampaBay.com upon executing the search warrant deputies discovered packaged pot, a loaded 45-caliber pistol and SKS rifle, a scale, pills and paraphernalia. Sheriff’s had to bust through a special keypad lock to search the home and seize the weapons and drugs. Both men were taken to Hernado County jail.…

March 3, 2010

Tampa Shooting Linked To Drugs? Investigators Are Looking Into The Connection.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s are investigating the circumstances surrounding a 22-year-old Tampa man who was shot in his apartment Tuesday evening. According to TBO.com deputies found drug paraphernalia inside the victim’s apartment and are investigating whether it was a drug-related shooting.

The victim, who survived the shooting, described the suspects as two men wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital after deputies discovered him sitting outside his home with a gunshot wound on his torso. The apartment where the shooting took place was located on Noth 58th Street.…

March 2, 2010

Charlotte County Meth Lab Discovered In Hotel Room

Three men, two from Florida and one from Alabama, who were allegedly running a meth lab out of a hotel room have been arrested in Charlotte County. The men have been charged with an assortment of crimes including possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, production of meth and manufacturing of methamphetamine.

The meth lab was reportedly being run out of a room at the Inns & Suites hotel on S. McCall Road. The arrests were made by U.S. Marshalls and Charlotte County sheriff’s deputies who were attempting to arrest Billy Shane Myers, a fugitive from Alabama. Myers will be extradited to Alabama while the other two men are in the Charlotte County jail.…

February 25, 2010

Marijuana Grow House Being Run By Ex-Con In The Bathroom At His Mom’s House

Acting on an informant’s tip, Charlotte County sheriff’s uncovered 42 marijuana plants growing in the bathroom closet at a Punta Gorda home. Deputies have arrested an ex-con named Allen Milton Hardman on charges of cultivation, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges. He is being held in Charlotte County Jail without bail.

According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune Hardman had been living in his mother’s home since his release from prison in August. His mother has told deputies that her son began cultivating marijuana plants less than a month ago. The search of the Dixie Avenue home turned up the plants and more than 20 grams of pot.…

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