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July 11, 2012

DUI Charges Completely Dismissed

May 2012 – 4602-GSH – Hillsborough County

Witnesses in the blue arrival terminal of Tampa International Airport alerted Tampa Police officers to a vehicle defendant was operating. Based on the witnesses’ observations, they believed defendant was impaired. Officers arrived observing signs of impairment. Officers arrived and made contact with defendant, noting bloodshot, watery eyes and erratic statements. Defendant was cooperative throughout the incident and agreed to perform field sobriety exercises. After the exercises, he was arrested, provided samples of .000 and .000 and also provide a urine sample. He retained Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins, who after presenting the defenses to the state attorney, were able to get all charges dropped.…

May 7, 2012

DUI Charge Completely Dismissed due to Lack of Probable Cause

2011 CT 003652

Manatee County

The Defendant was accused of running a red light and causing an accident.   Manatee county Sheriff arrived on the scene and noticed a few beer cans around the accident location and smelled alcohol on the defendant.  The Deputy began a DUI investigation and subsequently arrested the Defendant for DUI.  The Defendant blew a .059 under the legal limit.  However, the Deputy then asked for the Defendant to provide a urine sample. The urine result came back positive for marijuana. Darren Finebloom requested depositions of the arresting officer and showed conclusively that the Officer had no probable cause to request a urine sample. …

December 21, 2011

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs DUI Charge Reduced

A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on the scene of an accident and learned from witnesses that defendant was operating a vehicle at the time of the accident. Deputies approached the defendant and suspected that he may be impaired. Defendant failed Field Sobriety Exercises and was arrested. At the jail, defendant provided a breath sample, which indicated no alcohol in his system (.000). Defendant provided a urine sample which tested positive for illegal substances. Despite the video surveillance indicating impairment as well as positive urine results, Stephen Higgins was able to get the charge amended to Reckless Driving with no conviction.…

November 13, 2011

Manatee County DUI Drug Case Dropped Before Trial

Manatee County DUI Drug Case Dropped Before Trial

State v. J.W.  (Manatee) 2010 CF 002819

The Defendant was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and DUI.  Darren Finebloom immediately began to investigate and prepare his defense.  It turns out no urine sample was requested and no evaluation was done of the Defendant for impairment by a controlled substance.  Furthermore the controlled substance found in the car belonged to another party with a valid prescription.  This information was revealed to the State and all DUI and drug charges were dropped.…

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