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Hillsborough County Man Arrested For Running A Marijuana Grow House

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies uncovered a marijuana grow house in Tampa on Sunday. Deputies arrested Jose Saborit on charges of trafficking in marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, cultivation of marijuana and possession of a house to manufacture a controlled substance. The arrest took place in Tampa’s Carrollwood neighborhood. Deputies found 55 plants that measured 4 to 5 feet in height according to a story on TampaBay.com. Hillsborough County Sheriffs also uncovered growing equipment inside the home. The only things they found outside of the drugs and paraphernalia was a sleeping cot and a few personal belongings they believe belong to the 53-year-old Saborit.…

Manatee Sheriffs And Sarasota Police Break-Up Major Cocaine Trafficking Ring With 12 Arrests

Sarasota And Manatee authorities arrested 12 men on federal drug charges as they joined forces to bust up a major cocaine trafficking ring according to a story on the Bradenton Herald’s website. All 12 men have been indicted on federal drug charges. According to the story, the prize of the operation, called Operation SRQ Cartel”, was Jesus “Jesse” Guzman. The man also known as Antonio Marroquin was allegedly the leader of the cocaine trafficking operation. Guzman was arrested in a raid at Exotic Auto Parts during which detectives seized more than three kilos of cocaine. During the two-year investigation it is being reported that federal agents seized four kilos of cocaine, $350,000 in cash and more than $1 million in property.…

Major Drug And Weapons Arrest In Clearwater Follows A Police Stop For Tinted Windows

Clearwater police stopped a Cadillac early Monday morning for dark tinted windows and upon the traffic stop they discovered cocaine, marijuana, more than 100 prescription painkillers and semi-automatic firearms. Police report finding the drugs and guns inside the car after stopping the vehicle on U.S. 19. The men were charged with armed trafficking in oxycodone, possession of Xanax and being a felon in possession of a firearm. The driver of the car was charged with DUI. According to TBO.com police seized 17 grams of oxycodone, 111 Xanax tablets, a gram of marijuana, a gram of cocaine and two handguns.…

Buju Banton Arrives In Pinellas County Jail As He Awaits Trial On Federal Drug Charges

U.S. Marshalls transported reggae star Buju Banton to a Pinellas County jail this morning where he will wait for a trial on federal drug charges. The singer is charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. The charges stem from a drug bust in Sarasota where Banton and two other men were caught on video tape entering into a drug transaction with undercover officers according to reports and a story on TampaBay.com. Banton’s arraignment is scheduled for Thursday in Tampa. His lawyer was quoted as saying that Banton will plead not guilty.…

Florida Deputies Nab Grow House Suspects With Fake Ransom Note

Police officers in a southern Florida town found a unique way to arrest a man who is accused of operating a marijuana grow house. The deputies seized six large marijuana plants and then left a ransom note for the grower saying they had his plants and the suspect needed to call the phone number to get them back. According to a news release and a story on TBO.com, Steven Alan Locasio called the officers and offered $200 to get his drugs back. Locasio agreed to the exchange and after he handed the money over to the police he was arrested on drug charges.

Haines City Man Charged With Three Counts Of DUI Manslaughter By Polk County Deputies

William Coe of Haines City has been charged with three counts of DUI manslaughter according to a story on TBO.com. The article cites Polk County deputies who allege Coe was driving under the influence of drugs. The police allege he was high when he crashed his Oldsmobile killing three passengers including a woman who was five-months pregnant at the time and her 11-month old baby. The crash occurred September 15 on U.S. 27. Coe’s Oldsmobile Aero drove into the path of a minivan. He was ejected and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The only person injured in the minivan was an 18-year-old girl who suffered a broken leg.

Tampa Courtroom Will Be Site For Cocaine Distribution Trial Of Raggae Star Buju Banton

Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton will fight charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine in a Tampa courtroom after waiving his bail hearing in a Miami federal court. The charges stem from a cocaine purchase in Sarasota last week. According to an Associated Press story, the singer and two others attempted to purchase a “large amount” of cocaine from an undercover officer. The maximum prison sentence in Florida for the drug crime could be life in prison.
According to a DEA affidavit, law enforcement officers were tipped off about the cocaine deal by a confidential informant.

Grow House Operators Who Called Police Over Theft Of Their Drugs Now Face Trafficking Charges

The group of Hernando County men who called on the police when a home invasion resulted in their drugs being stolen are now in even more trouble. TampaBay.com is reporting the group, who were already charged with felony cultivation of marijuana, will now face drug trafficking charges. The charges stem from one of the alleged traffickers alerting a Hernando County sheriff’s deputy that a home invasion was in progress at their residence. When deputies got to the house the suspects said they had been robbed of upwards of five pounds of marijuana. The officers went on to discover 59 marijuana plants and plenty of other evidence of a grow house operation.
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